Presentation of Albanian Air Sports’ Federation’s program
Presentation of Albanian Air Sports’ Federation’s program ( AASF) and “Air Cadets” for 2013

R & T Group sponsors the activity that will be organized for the presentation of Albanian Air Sports’ Federation’s program (AASF) and “Air Cadets” during 2013.
AASF’s program provides details on the time and type of activities that will take place during the next year from this Federation. During the presentation, Alket Islami will release the photo album “Albania From the Air”, Volume III.

The “Air Cadet” resembles a project originated in United Kingdom but it is currently widespread in many countries. Even today it is well established International Air Cadet. In Albania, it is proposed that this program can be supported by Air Sports Federation, governmental structures and those of the military and civil aviation in the country.

“Air Cadet” invites young people between the ages of 13-20 years old to be part of this program. Its main goal is to provide useful training for civilian and military life, the encourage of practical interest for aviation, the development of leadership and citizenship qualities among young people. This program offers the unique opportunity for an unforgettable experience.

“Air Cadet” Albania will enable other adventures except Gliding like:
Mountain climbing, rowing, sailing, climbing, alpine skiing, parachute jumping, hang gliding and paragliding. There will be organized leadership courses with the young people, in open nature, which will offer them the basic map reading skills, life in nature, environmental protection sensation, etc. It will be a good qualification for the young leaders in frame of the perfection of leadership’s qualities that may face the difficulties of life as adults.
The activity will take place at Imperial Cinema, Sheraton Hotel, Tirane on 14.12.2012, at 18.00