Renis Tershana, CEO R&T

Renis Tershana was born in Tirana in 23.09.1971. He is a leading Albanian entrepreneur with a long and successful history of investments in a wide variety of industries in Albania. Soon after completing his undergraduate studies in Austria, Mr. Tershana established R&T Group in early 90’s. For the past 20 years, the portfolio of companies where Mr. Tershana has full control or significant ownership participation includes businesses in the industries of telecommunication, electronics, technological and IT solutions, construction, banking, leasing, distribution, transportation, and insurance. These companies have approximately 240 employees and 35 Mln Euro Annual Turnover and Mr. Tershana is the solo owner.

Mr. Tershana also chairs and is one of the main contributors of EDS Foundation and Albanian Federation of Aeronautics.
In addition to his business interests,

1. Credins Bank was founded in 2003 and has become one of the leading financing institutions in Albania offering full range commercial banking products with 47 branches and agencies.

Credins Bank signed an agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for €10 million in loans for on-lending to local small and medium-sized enterprises and supporting trade finance solutions for clients of the bank.

By financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects CREDINS bank encourages the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.The positive outcome achieved throughout the years increases our responsibilities towards our customers, shareholders and partners, aiming at building sound and long-term business relationships to improve the life of the community where CREDINS bank operates.

2. Albanian Electronic Distribution (AED) was founded in 2002 and has become the main provider of technology solutions such as cash payments, staffing and recruitment, marketing services, etc to the Albanian businesses in Albania.

3. Sicred was founded in 2003 as the first private insurance company in Albania, with 100% local capital and accredited to operate in the Life Insurance field.

4. ENK Invest was founded in 2006 as a construction company that is developing a large multi-purpose complex of 283,547 m² in the center of Pristina, Kosovo. The project includes two business centers, residential, hotel and shopping center with underground parking.

Foundation & Non-Profit Sector

1. EDS Foundation was founded in 2004 in support of individuals, groups, and various non-profit associations that operate in cultural, sports and scientific activities at national and local level.
Mr Tershana is the Founder of the Foundation.

2. The Albanian Federation of Aeronautics was founded in 2010 and is a member with full rights of FAI (Federation of Aeronautics International). The main aim of the federation is to organize and develop aeronautical sports activities in the territory of Albania.
Mr Tershana was reelected President in 2015.

3. AirCadetsAlbania Foundation was founded in 2013. The main goal of the Foundation is to create a sustainable base for young aspiring a career in the aviation sector, including the development of leadership skills and teamwork; the creation of a source of high quality and guarantee for aviation recruits; creating opportunities for Albanian youth to have internationally recognized qualifications; strengthening of respect for traditional national values in young age. Mr. Tershana is the founder and chairman of AlbanianAirCadets.

Renis Tershana is also Bord Member of the National Art Gallery

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