Social Responsibility

R&T Group is a leading trade and engineering company operating throughout Albania and Kosovo. R&T’s head office is located near the center of Tirana with several branches distributed around the main cities of Albania as well as an office in Pristine, Kosovo. Over 60 permanent staff are employed in the head office, that comprise a team of highly qualified experts who lead implementation of projects. In addition, around 200 people work throughout the Group on daily basis ensuring our products and services are delivered to more than 65 commercial centers. Another 200 employees are involved in engineering and construction projects. Our main business strategy is to participate in the implementation of some of the most important projects financed by EC and WB in Albania and Kosovo. We aim to increase our share of these core activities throughout the South Western Balkans. R&T complies with all International Quality and Environmental Standards.

R&T Group is highly respected for its performance by its employees, partners and communities, inside and outside Albania, for achieving outstanding results during the past decade. Day to day we are improving the way we reach these results. Our progress and the solution for many as ‘Partner of Choice’ is a proof of the dedication and everybody’s hard work.

Today our focus is introducing new technologies in order to allow us to overcome the client increasing demands, requirements and new challenges. The last 3 years have been critical for R&T in terms of identifying and delivering in the market new products and services that meet and exceed expectations.

The need to avoid incidents and protect workers during civil works, engineering, energy and IT & Telecom projects has been a crucial issue. R&T allocates significant resources to enable work protection and training of personnel prior to the launch of new projects. We are strongly investing in people, because we recognize the importance of having highly qualified people, who are trained and meet the highest standards. This strong point enables R&T to reach its business objectives.

Among our priorities we consider Environmental Management and Protection as an essential part of our daily operations responsibility. We work diligently to prevent pollution, control and manage waste and waste disposal. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment and conserve natural resources. We transfer the necessary environmental protection understanding, training and responsibility to our people being confident that they share this information with our subcontractors and partners/suppliers.

R&T activities are conducted in conformity and fully comply with all applicable laws in Albania and other regions. They ensure we maintain the highest ethical standards within our business relationships. By adopting the above Company Responsibility, we are confident for the long term success of R&T as we strive to make our contribution to economic development in the region.

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